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January was meant to be my official detox month but for some reason all the events I attended during the month had copious amounts of good food. I was officially vegan but my constant day dreams of dancing with a piece of grilled pulled pork saw me finally give in to the meaty temptations!

The launch of The Den was one of the food-filled events I got to attend. In fact, I was vegan four hours before this event.

And BOY! Was I glad for that mad backslide!

I don’t know why I relapsed so hard back to my meat ways that evening. It was like my fast had been created to be broken that evening by the universe. I ate and had such an amazing time at the Den’s ultra modern conferencing facilities.

Watch the video and see just what I mean!

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You can find out more about Den Conferencing and Dusit D2’s facilities by visiting the website on

Love and Love

Lyra Aoko

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