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*Robin Thicke Voice* Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey! *Insert musical score*


Sorry about reminding you about that over-repeated, officially-court-ruled-as-stolen song this morning but INABIDI! I have such good vibes flowing through my veins today and I really wanted to spread it. Shwaaaaaa! I hope you are dancing as you read this.. If not, Break it down!

I was featured in a very big newspaper. I don’t know about you but it really feels great whenever someone else recognizes and appreciates what you do. It’s like being give a big bouquet of baby pink roses with a note saying ‘You are Beyonce.’ You feel me?


I was tagged by Adam Kiboi and Bryan Emry on Facebook and I swear… ‘The best cultural Instagram’ I took it all in, smiled like a fool and ran to show my parents the article because ‘The Guardian’ mentioning you in any capacity is not something to be slept on. (But we thank God it was not a story of me streaking in Miami)

If you are still wondering what I am talking about…

Click on the link below…


Thank you for reading my blog guys!

Make sure you keep it locked for more information on all that’s fresh and happening in Nairobi.

Love and Light!

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