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Tamarind is a brand I have always associated with quality. My family and I visited their property in Mombasa during the December holiday and got a taste of the best dhow experience one could ever encounter! (in Kenya)

We went to book the New Years Eve Dhow a day before and I got the chance to walk around their lovely establishment and take a few images of the amazing interior and exterior details of the Tamarind restaurant. The white – washed walls and lovely swahili decor details made me feel like I had travelled back in time. The interior decor had the right touch of modern sophistication to balance both the historical and the urban in the restaurant. The view of the Indian Ocean from the restaurant was like icing to an already delicious cake and we stood mesmerised at how wonderful the ocean is.

The Tamarind Vlog will be up soon. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel below to see all the magic I got to witness that night.

View more details on the Tamarind Dhow here

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