Renal Gala Dinner and Fashion Show

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I went for an event with a cause! For real! I even have the pictures to prove it! 🙂

I recently found myself at a very special launch and fundraising event at the Laico Regency. The event was set to launch the Forum for Figo Foundations, an organization that has tasked itself with raising 30 million for 10 machines for their peritoneal dialysis programme. The treatment provided by the machines is intended for children with kidney failure as they have a lesser toll on the body.

The event was lovely as members of the audience were not only educated about the state of the nation in relation to kidney disease treatment and control , but they also got to be informed about the organization’s future plans to make the treatment available to all people affected by the disease.

A fabulous fashion show was conducted in between the speeches and designers got to showcase their garments to members of the medicine practise, sponsors, and members of the public willing to contribute to a good cause.

Some of the designers that showcased their work were House of Kaji, Shiyenze, Simone, Nciiri, Binti Afrique and GnM.

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