Lyra Aoko Photography – RED 02


A continuation…

The spray paint from this session was very difficult to remove after the shoot.

Shout out to Sia for being a super champion in light of her having a possible future as “The model with the red hand”

Luckily for us, a bottle of nail Polish remover  appeared and saved the day.

Vulnerability 02 – Periods

lyra-aoko-media-red-periods-1 lyra-aoko-media-red-periods-2





Set design & Photography – Lyra Aoko

Model Shanelle Siase aka Sia Africa

Stylist Jamie Kimani



Part 3 will be out tomorrow. Thank you all for the amazing support you have shown this project so far.

Love and Love,

Lyra Aoko



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    1. Thank you so much Oshin. I put a lot of thought into this project I really appreciate your sentiments towards this body of work.

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