Original in my Adidas

Look in the mirror and tell yourself “you are beautiful, kind, smart, strong and worth it”

Today’s affirmation is a reminder to all the queens that you are a daughter of the King.

Over the past couple of months, I have gone through this incredible heart-journey of discovering who I am. It took a bit of heartbreak and tears for me to get to this point, but I would never take the experiences back because it was through them that I found my true identity. Women glow differently when they channel all their energy into their personal growth and self development. Facts only…

I believe that Love is directly connected to identity,
and I did not find my true identity until I found true Love.

Sometimes we try to find identity in someone or something,
I found identity, purpose, and value in His Love.
It was in moments of weakness that I truly found who I was in Christ,
Because even in my brokenness, He called me chosen.
Even when I looked to others to find love,
His heart was beating for me all along.
Know that,
And He is constantly thinking about you — Psalm 139:17-18
So let no word and no lie snatch you away from your true identity;
You are a daughter of the King 👑

– Hishearttoyours 

Outfit : Adidas

Location : Construction Site in Westlands

Photographer : James Watson

Thank you so much for reading.

Love and love,


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One thought on “Original in my Adidas”

  1. My heart skipped a beat reading this. Thank you for sharing! God is indeed LOVE.

    And…how dope is that construction site for your simplicity shoot? Arrgghh…love it!

    Keep doing you Lyra!

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