New York City Recap

Exploring the City

You wouldn’t believe that the images below are less than a quarter of what I experienced in the city of my dreams! NEW YORK! I had made a conscious decision to be present for every experience I was a part of and these are simply snippets of the precious moments when I had my camera with me.

I ate a lot, met new people and made friends that have become like family to me. I also visited so many places I couldn’t keep count and fully immersed myself in everything that NYC had to offer! Peep my visual journal.


My New York Fashion Week experience was one for the books as it gave me the chance to capture faces from all over the world! Everyone came to slay and it was truly a photographers’ haven as we all snapped away trying to capture the diversity that was present in every individual and style.

…and Yes, I am biased!

Women are stunning!


New York was a dream I want to relive over and over again! Sometimes things seem way out of our reach! Sometimes we limit ourselves and limit what we think we can experience. This city taught me otherwise! Anything and everything is possible. I would never have imagined being in front of the outfit Rihanna wore for the MET Gala at the MET Museum but there I was… manifesting it, living it! & capturing it too.

The main lessons I learnt were:

  • Your creative hustle is valid!
  • Don’t strive for any win inside of comfort. 
  • Everyone has a story.
  • You can always learn something from someone.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Life is for living. As in for real! Stop wasting time and saving your best for another day.
  • The main ingredient to change is to be open.

Thank you so much for reading! & Happy 2019 to you.

Love and love,


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