Neema Women’s Group

I spent an afternoon with the amazing ladies of Neema Women’s Group during a recent trip to Tsavo Conservancy with Turnup Travel. We were met with pomp and dance by the ladies when we arrived and what followed was a in depth briefing about the organization and more details about all the cool things that they do.

The ladies founded the organization because there were no economic opportunities available for them in the community and they created creative solutions for the problems they faced on a daily basis. One problem that was prevalent was the manure left by elephants in their immediate environment. What was seen as a nuisance led to the formation of an elephant dung paper making enterprise that is one hundred percent made with the manure and bits of recycled material from waste paper and magazines.

Thousands of African elephants call the Kasigau corridor their home between Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks, so there’s never a shortage of dung! In addition to this, the ladies also make sisal products from scratch and paper bead jewellery that is made to last.

It was an amazing day filled with amazing spirits, beautiful handmade goods, the hugest mandazis I have ever tasted and lots of tea which we all enjoyed in the middle of the wild.

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