10 thoughts on “Lyra Aoko In Dubai (Part 3)”

  1. Okay so I have a few things to say (bear with me).
    1) I love the length of this vlog (if you will) it’s long enough to keep me interested but not too long where it starts to feel like a family’s home movie. Plus, idk how you saved/uploaded it but loading time on my comp was really fast!
    2) I love that you tell a story without literally telling it. The visuals speak for themselves especially in a place as diverse and bright as Dubai. Again, you’re showcasing the city and not necessarily you in the city (this also draws someone to want to read your blog post because that’s more personal).
    3) I have to give a shout out to your song choice. I now need to find and download Lean On without vocals. It’s so uplifting and fun!

    Great vid Lyra. 🙂 Sorry for droning on… x

    1. Soni!! 😀 I always look forward to your comments because you are a great critic and always give a positive angle to it! Your words really help me improve on my content creation and I am grateful!! Thank you so much for watching and supporting the blog!

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