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Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for passing by my blog today. You are cooler than an ice cube in Ice cube’s cold water!


Today’s ‘really short’ blog post is a small announcement about my newly created Behance Profile *Beyonce cheering from the sidelines* Yaaaaaas! I finally got to creating an online portfolio where you will get to see more of my work on a more photography oriented platform.

I have always had a strong love for photography but officially calling myself a photographer was such a struggle for me. I really didn’t know if I needed to be initiated into some secret picha society or whether I just needed to take an epic photo of Taylor Swift smoking bangi to be called one. In addition to this, all that talk about a DSLR camera not making you a photographer scared me shi senseless because I really was just a DSLR camera owner who absolutely loved taking pictures.

yohanna + Arsu portrait

Furthermore, many of you know me as a musician and thus my fear of everyone mistaking my photography love for an identity crisis really did not settle well with me. Questions like ‘so do you still sing?’, ‘did you quit music?’ had been asked countless times on my social media and I honestly didn’t have the answers to these questions owing to my personal reservations and overall confusion.

arsu natural portrait

I guess I became a photographer the second people actually started paying me to take their pictures. Yes? Or maybe it was the day I took a photograph of my mum and sisters and saw the look of joy on their faces when they saw just how beautiful they looked on camera? Naaaah It was probably the day I took that selfie of all selfies and felt myself transitioning from normal human being to photographer! YES!

yohana coke

I really don’t know when or how it happened but what I know for certain is that I enjoy photography and giving life to beautiful people and moments. It makes me happy and that truly is enough for me.

I blog,

I make videos (Let me not say film because that’s another story for another day! Producer Of The Year dreams nini nini)

I sing,

& take photographs too.

arsu + yohanna kenya

Yes loves… I will sing AND take photographs at your wedding 🙂

I am a creative and that’s all there is to it.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope this post inspires you to go out there and realize all your dreams! Life really is too short to lock yourself in a box.


The photos I chose for this post are from ‘The White Roses Series’ featuring the gorgeous Measho Twins. It was truly a pleasure working with these two gorgeous Eritrean-born Swedish-based models.

Makeup by the very talented Sharon Were of Shaz Makeup.

You can view these and more of my images on



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