Lost in Paradise

A photo essay of my day at Paradise Lost, one of the most serene places in Nairobi. I was feeling really good that day plus the gorgeous environment definitely lifted up my spirits. This year has seen me become more mindful of my thoughts and feelings and I have made a habit of jotting down everything in a journal. It’s so crazy how many thoughts we let pass by without properly assessing how they affect us in reality.

One thing I know for certain is that nature and all it’s beauty has a positive effect on my mood. I look forward to experiencing more outdoor activities, finding and capturing beauty in the ordinary.


What self-care tips have you developed for the new year?



Posted byLyra Aoko

One thought on “Lost in Paradise”

  1. Love this post!

    Definitely being more conscious about the things I choose to eat and how they affect my general wellness as well as ensuring I don’t let too much get to me.

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