Words by Alexandra L. Smith

For my creatives, Brand builders + Entrepreneurs:

Do not let anyone make you
feel bad for evolving.

Everyone does not (and will not) get the journey, art or change.

The minute your growth starts to flourish some people will be unhappy, indifferent and envious… that’s their issue, not yours.


Avoid taking on any discontentment that others may have about your journey…

Be mindful that in life we should travel with people who will uplift us, motivate us and believe in us.

People’s negative perceptions or judgements  don’t have to box us in.

Take chances and deeply root yourself into the things you love, into the things that make your heart beat faster and light a fire within your creativity.


Life is too short to be fearful.

Surround yourself with meaningful energy and genuine vibrations.

Take on whatever you see fit and be smart about what it is you wish to start , build & develop.

Who says finding your footing in one thing is the one + only way?


Expand and bring to fruition the wants and needs that you have.

Give yourself permission to explore your different interests.

Give yourself permission to journey freely and passionately.

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