My first… Film Camera

My baby is here! Okay… a short backstory.

I found myself loving vintage and film looks in photography lately. Browsing through Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest I noticed that most of the images I was drawn to had a beautiful ‘real and old’ look which I was dying to have in my pictures. This has obviously led me down various photoshop tutorials and manuscripts in an attempt to emulate the very beautiful and elegant ‘film-look’.

Unbeknown to me at the time was the fact that I could easily stop wasting time online and just pick up a film camera. When I finally found out that my love for the film look could not be emulated via modern software I set out to find a film camera I could own and work with. This was obviously a challenge because very many photography shops and studios in Nairobi have since gone digital and my search proved harder than I had imagined. A film camera was one thing, finding rolls of film was like finding a needle in a haystack. (I knew I would use this line again one day)

My search then led me to film enthusiast and photographer, Selina Onyando who was kind enough to not only lend me one of her film cameras  (Nikkormat) but even took me downtown to see where all the film developing magic happened. (God shows Himself in people for real)



I have been learning and failing for a few weeks now and took my first film roll to be developed just yesterday ( In the meantime I am praying that things did not backfire!)

Shooting film teaches you patience and attention to detail because you cannot see what you shoot and you also can’t delete anything along the way! This is something that I am appreciating more and more even whenever I use my DSLR camera.

Which brings me back to the reason for this post! My search for my very own film camera continued despite kidnapping Selina’s camera body and I am so proud to show her to you all today!I picked her up yesterday from an old photography studio that was getting rid of their last film camera body and I am yet to use her to create some serious magic! OMG! GUYS! The excitement is too real!

Welcome home Filmita.

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