Fashion High Tea 2017 + My Mac Makeover

Hello loves! I hope you are all doing well today (sorry for sounding like an email template there by the way 🙂

I came back from a rather intense and amazing trip to Turkana and I really can’t wait to share the images and stories with you all.

Today’s blog post is a slight throwback because I left Nairobi literally seconds after this event but I really have to talk about Fashion High Tea 2017. For starters, this year’s edition started on two extremes.

I’ll start with the bad… the dress I had had designed for the occasion was tailored horribly and sadly could not fit my behind, or my chest, or anything for that matter (lesson learnt). I was so sad, I almost cried but I luckily had a shocking-pink lace alternative sitting pretty in my closet (See God) A quick shopping trip to Mr. Price Junction a few hours to the event with my sister and love led to an even more pulled together look and I instantly felt better.

The good… or rather best part of my morning though was the makeover session I was gifted by the lovely folks from Mac Cosmetics (twerking) at their new Junction store. What started out as a very confusing morning, makeup-less and drab ended up fabulous because I looked good and felt great after my mini-makeover by one of the amazing Mac Cosmetics makeup artists.

Shout out to Nkemi Consulting and Mac Cosmetics for making me feel like a princess that day. Check out the new Mac store at Junction and go crazy!

mac makeup lyra aoko 2017-9
mac makeup lyra aoko 2017-10


I loved the fact that my look was natural, my skin could breathe and I felt so fresh-faced even with all the products I had on my face.

Lyra Aoko by Nick Klaus
Lyra Aoko by Nick Klaus

Trust me, the event was even better! Thank you to Shivani, Payal and the entire Zan Garden family for always bringing it!

Food & Drinks

Beautiful Decor

Beautiful People

Shiv and Michelle
Chiki and I
Kobi Kihara
Solo Slay

Gorgeous Designs and Models

Mochez models

Amazing vendors

Michael Soi Merchandise
Wazawazi Kenya

I had a fabulous time!

Thank you so much for reading.

Lyra Aoko


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6 thoughts on “Fashion High Tea 2017 + My Mac Makeover”

  1. I really really LOVE your posts and photography it really gets to me, I have only summed up the courage to comment but can I kindly get the name of the person who did your make up I would like to go and get my face done as well….

    1. Thank you so much for giving me positive feedback on my blog. I really appreciate it! I sadly cannot remember her name but all the makeup artists at Mac are trained the same way. I am sure they will be able to do a great job!

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