Fashion High Tea 2016

The Fashion High Tea this year was the BOMB.COM! BOOM SHAKALAKAAAAAAAA!

If you don’t know what goes down at this fabulous high tea event hosted at the gorgeous Zen Garden I would suggest you read THIS article from last year’s edition first.

Now that you are up to speed… The road leading up to the #FHT2016 was more than exciting and I knew that the event would live up to its expectations when I first received this invite.

fht-5 fht-3 fht


You guy! Look at that invite! I felt like Queen Elizabeth! I don’t know about you but, who ever gets invites for an event accompanied by rare flowers and sparkling white wine???

(If you do let’s be friends, I really need to know such people!)

There were quite a few things working against me as the event day neared.

1. I did not have an outfit.

2. I had just dyed my hair making everything I tried on colour clash like a clown.

3. I was stressed because I had to magically transform into Kerry Washington by Saturday 27th.

Then God came through and…

I luckily managed to adjust an old dress that had been lying in my closet for ages and arrived at the Zen Garden that sunny Saturday with le bae. As expected the decor was fabulous! Flowers streaming out of every nook and cranny of the venue, people dressed to the nines in every pattern, print and design imaginable, food and alcohol on tap throughout the event and most importantly, the best vibes anyone could ask for on such an occasion!

fht2016-16 fht2016-20 fht2016-19 fht2016-18 fht2016-17

Soni |
Jayson |
Nancie Mwai |

I went to the High tea with the intent of capturing every single moment and every beautiful person I could spot. It was everything and more!

I held mini photo shoots with amazing bloggers, mingled with some of the most inspiring and influential people in Nairobi, toasted to the good life with new friends, laughed with my love and summarized, it definitely qualified as one of the best days of my year so far! The luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere at the venue also added to the general excitement of the day.

Silvia Njoki |
Fena and Joy Kendi |
Le Bae and I
Emma Caddy and Annabel Onyango of
Yvonne Odhiambo Afrostreet Kollektions
Beautiful people
Sheila Ndinda |


This year’s edition also featured a cool fashion show that hosted a variety of both local and international designers. In addition to this there were a number of fashion and lifestyle booths which provided all the attendees with a wide range of stunning goods and services while at the venue.

fht2016-4 fht2016-7 fht2016-6 fht2016-5


This year the Fashion High Tea supported the MY ELLA CAMPAIGN- towards raising awareness about Down Syndrome and the facilitation of the “My Ella Down Syndrome Resource Centre” in Nairobi.

We danced, made merry, viewed and bought amazing fashion, laughed, socialized and had one heck of a good time at this year’s spectacular Fashion High Tea event.

Wambui Kibue and Muthoni DQ
Diana Opoti
Isaac Hunja
Olav | and I
Wendy Watta | and a friend
Emmanuel Jambo | Photographer extraordinaire and friends
Beautiful models
Vendors and Wares

fht2016-37 fht2016-36 fht2016-32 fht2016-31 fht2016-30 fht2016-29 fht2016-28 fht2016-26 fht2016-23 fht2016-22


s/o to Diana, Shivani and Payal for such an amazing time!

We do this again next year!

Thank you all for reading.

love and love

Lyra Aoko

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15 thoughts on “Fashion High Tea 2016”

  1. Good Lord…my hair on that day should never be seen out in public again. Freaking afros. Hahaha! It was so much fun hanging with you and everyone though (and crawling home with y’all late into the night- let’s do this always! Lovely post and pictures 🙂

  2. I really was praying you wouldn’t post it because I missed it and I had no idea it was happening until a day AFTER the event *cries painfully*

    Btw Congrats on the nominations at BAKE awards , all the best you deserve it!

    1. Don’t you worry! I will definitely let you know about next year’s edition! I know you will SLAY!!!
      Thank you so much! I am so excited! Please vote for me if you haven’t already! Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. The FOMO I had for this event was nauseating! I had to switch off from IG to stop from killing myself as I was stuck in shags. :/

    The pictures are perfect! I love love love Nancie and Silvia’s outfits.

    1. Oh man! That must have sucked! At least you were surrounded by nature and fresh air! ( My glass is always half full! 😀 Yaaaas they kill it always!! Thank you so much for reading this post Nelly!

  4. I love this site. Amazing work. Seen my photo too yeeey. The only guy with the nosering. Definitely subscribing.

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