Lyra Aoko Photography – Faces of Blankets and Wine

Hello supuus and fine boys with no pimples! Mko aje! Gota Mzeiya! STRONG!

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Greetings though! How are you all doing!??

I have missed you so much. No, for real! Please receive my platonic hugs and kisses! I hope you are all warm and comfortable on this beautiful day!

I went for Blankets and Wine! I know it has been a while since anyone has said that statement out loud… I WENT FOR BLANKETS AND WINE! 😀

Muthoni Ndonga and her team decided to bring back East Africa’s dopest event to Nairobi and this time… THEY DID THAT! ALL OF IT! KILA KIRUUUUU! Not only did this month’s show host world renowned R&B singer and super smooth guy Aloe Blacc, but it also showcased some of the best artistes, trendsetting djs, visual artists, retailers and food vendors that Nairobi has to offer.

I was quite jazzed by it all and remember thinking out loud with very frequent WOOOWWW, OOOOHS and AAAHS as the event went by! The performances were FIRE! Mayonde with her effortless sexiness and good vibes, Just A Band’s final and very emotional farewell for the next two years, Muthoni’s alternative and powerful sound and finally Aloe Blacc’s amazing voice and cool demeanor, got everyone on their feet and we were all treated to a wonderful mashup of magical music!

I danced, ate, laughed, smiled at strangers and captured their faces throughout, as I went about with my portraiture series at the event. If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen some of the beautiful faces that graced the event. I took a  different approach with the blog coverage and decided to shoot the faces of Blankets and Wine in all their glory. I knew most photographers would have their lenses directed towards the stage but the real action was and will always be in the crowd.



I tried my best to capture the creative souls that were wonderfully scattered all around the gorgeous Ngong race course waterfront. These are some of the images I captured during the event.

Photography : Lyra Aoko Media

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Blankets and Wine was an amazing event and I really cannot wait for the next edition!

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Love and Love

Lyra Aoko

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13 thoughts on “Lyra Aoko Photography – Faces of Blankets and Wine”

    1. Thanks alot Alex! I shot with the aperture wide open to let in all the sunlight and edited on the curves adjustment layer in photoshop (bottom left pushed up to give it a matte effect) plus I pumped up the vibrance too.

    1. I was so overwhelmed at a point during the event! 😀 There were so so many people, I had to go sit at a corner and eat pizza! 😀 lol next time you will be number one! Pinky swear! kalamba down!

  1. Nice piece there Lyra…good read, good read,
    the photos too are on point

    also when you have time check out @cake_art_affair on IG, i am sure you would love it

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