Exploring Durban (Part 2)



The morning of my third day in Durban was gloomy. It was raining and I had packed for summer because the city had promised me to be ‘the warmest place to be’ so I went right ahead and dressed for a sunny day! (because freeze and shine!)

We visited Ushaka Marine world and went through so many different experiences that morning a girl was a bit overwhelmed, in a very good way. For one, I saw fish! absolutely stunning fish in all colours, varieties, breeds, types inside a renovated abandoned ship which held more than 10,000 different types of sea creatures.

I oohed and aahed at the wonders of the marine life and nature surrounding me, vowed to own a squid one day and then headed to the dolphin show which got me so excited I found myself dancing around like a sugar-high two year old on the stands. Which reminds me, I have to own a dolphin one day!


The renovated shipwreck had a delightful surprise at the front, The Cargo Hold, a restaurant which holds a massive aquarium filled with sharks, small fish, big fish and even more fish in their kitchen! (Oh the irony) I certainly did not mind as I dug into my delicious meal of fish fillet garnished with prawns and accompanied with a seafood cocktail sauce.

I arrived at the ICC Centre later that afternoon and was met with an explosion of culture at the front entrance. South African men and women can dance! And defy gravity! AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! It was so beautiful to watch and I almost got a flying kick to my nose trying to take that picture ( I swear! There were witnesses!)

I also bumped into one of Durban’s coolest export @nwahh and her cousin and we proceeded to have a random mini photoshoot on the lawns of the ICC Centre which you can all view here 


I walked into the conventional centre where the activities for the Essence Festival were taking place. There was the ARTiculate Africa Book & Art Affair and Book Fair, the Beauty and Style exhibition, Essence EATS and Flavours of Durban culinary demonstrations, lifestyle talks, vendors from all walks of life and even more interesting individuals to stare at.

I wondered at the amazing abilities we hold as human beings… The talent displayed in that single festival was remarkable!

And then we were empowered.

Estelle spoke about listening to your own voice and not letting anyone define you. She spoke of the endless discrimination she had faced while starting out in the music industry and the steps she took to defy the odds placed on her.

Basically, why be Beyonce, Rihanna and more when you can be you?? Ehem! She rocked! 🙂

Steve Harvey talked about ‘How to DO YOUR GIFT and get from the back to the front’

  1. Believe in God
  2. Nurture your gift (the thing you can do without much effort)
  3. Pursue your passion
  4. God requires your faith
  5. Have a dream and vision ( A man without a vision shall perish)
  6. Have a vision board. Have it everywhere
  7. Inch by inch everything’s a cinch
  8. Faith without work is dead
  9. Ask God to make you successful (Just ask)
  10. Cut off people that don’t add value to your life

There was more. A lot more (especially laughter) and I soaked up everything he said to be applied in my New years resolutions come 2017. I left that hall even more determined to become a successful content creator and photographer. Watch this space my lovely readers! 2017 will be LIT!


Cubana Lounge and Latino Caffe on Florida Road Durban was our last stop for dinner that day and all I could see was red. I ate delicious red meat, sipped on some red wine and interacted with media representatives from different parts of Africa as we enjoyed authentic South African house music and danced well into the night.

Day 3 was spectacular! And it still got even better! (We were spoiled in Durban! utterly spoiled!)

Look out for Part 3 tomorrow and…

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Love and Love

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