Experiencing & Capturing Radisson Blu Arboretum

I remember seeing the construction happening around Arboretum last year and wondering who in their right mind got access to build next to the forest post-riparian-land drama! (Rip Java & Shell Arboretum)

Luckily this new hotel was not on the receiving end of Kenya’s random law enforcement mood swings and was up before you could even say SANY! I got a first class ticket to experience the hotel right before they officially open in January 2020 and had the loveliest time.

I took the opportunity to live my best life and capture all the beauty that the space provides so effortlessly! It was perfect as we got to sample the best that Radisson Arboretum has to offer in terms of food, drinks, ambience, spa services, nature and sunny vibes! (on a good not rainy day)


Staycations in the city are highly encouraged, especially since flights to the coast are 30k at the moment and SGR is available earliest next year in February. Shout me out if you do manage to spend your night in this gorgeous establishment.





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