45 degrees

Nairobi surprises me all the time! I constantly discover restaurants and dope spots even when I am not looking. That wasn’t the case this time though! 45 degrees restaurant had been on my *lazima niende* list for a while so I chose it as the spot of the day for lunch with my good friend Andrew.

The restaurant is very unassuming, we couldn’t even find the gate, but I was so happy when we saw the little 45° sign on the burnt orange gate. I thought I had trespassed into someone’s backyard or farm when we first entered, but the culinary experience was everything. Their menu has its foundations in America but is influenced by French and Italian cuisines. It is quite extensive and the options of having either a four-course meal or five-course meal with wine was very welcome because we really could not decide what to eat.

Their service was very good and the waitress was attentive to our needs which is always such a breath of fresh air on these streets. It was quite a surprise that we were the only patrons all day.

45° is definitely worth a try!

You can thank me later…

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