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Hello beautiful people! I hope your January has started on the right note 🙂

Mine did and I am so grateful to God for everything!

I finally got to work on a personal project this month and I am extremely excited to finally share it with you. I really really love working with and luckily capturing the essence of a few super dope  individuals who are breaking the mould of normalcy and constantly pushing the fact that art is alive and breathing in the heart of the  254!


I got to shoot the beautiful 2.endo sisters this past weekend and had such a brilliant time interacting with them! 2.endo is a brand curated and directed by sisters Yvonne Endo and Patti Endo. The brand is fashion and art-based and was started to influence and be a part of the growing art and fashion scene in Nairobi by putting out their own perspective on both genres of art.


On the days leading to the shoot, I found myself drawn to a bunch of paintings featuring bright red hues against green forest backdrops. The pictures were hideous to say the least but they definitely inspired my vision for this project. Following my recent trip to Karura Forest, I knew that I would have to conduct a shoot at the same location once more and I luckily got the chance to do so this past weekend

All red was the theme and rather than wait a billion years to shoot my awesome vision with my other father Kanye West, I chose to carry out the shoot with the gorgeous and super cool 2.endo sisters.

I really wanted a team for this project but after hitting a few hitches here and there, I realised that I had no red material, no stylist, no makeup artist (since the makeup mood board was Solange) and no money to pay for the location either but I knew that I would shoot it and shoot it I did.

Yaaas boo! You can do anything once you set your mind to it.

As the days to the shoot neared, I constantly felt like I was rushing the creative process and that waiting a little while longer would enable me to work with a few more individuals who would make the work easier but I knew I was just psyching myself out and that the longer I waited the less energy I would have for the project.

I contacted Yvonne Endo and it was such a sigh of relief when she openly accepted my project proposal. I didn’t have much to share in terms of the visual goals intended for the project because they were all in my head, but I was luckily dealing with two cool individuals who were down for anything creative. I sourced the materials used for the shoot from Nairobi Textiles in town and the baby’s breath flowers from City Market. These ultimately influenced the final images as they gave the mix between bold and sweet in such a lovely way.

Fast forward to the shoot day and the worst thing that could possibly happen to any photographer happened to me. I had forgotten my camera batteries on the charger… at HOME! Everything was set in terms of the makeup, styling and props so you can imagine how silly I felt at that point. Luckily, and I have to mention this once more, I was about to shoot the world’s most cool and chilled out sisters and they were patient enough for us to get the battery and get back to the shoot location.

*My mum told me “be making a checklist the night before a shoot” as I walk-of-shamed out of the house with my battery in hand. I nodded, smiled, laughed and quickly added that to my new year’s resolution list.*

Round two was much more relaxed as I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve with the shoot. It felt like a load had been lifted off my mind and it was smooth sailing from there on. The final fight scene in Twilight was constantly replaying in my head and inspired the final images as we shot in the midst of the lush Karura forest surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature and the great vibes constantly emitted by the gorgeous 2.endo sisters.

I was a photographer inspired by her surroundings and I think we managed to pull off the urban-edgy-vampire-cool vibe pretty well.

If I do say so myself 🙂




Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Lyra Aoko

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  1. The shot with the single aerial light hitting her face was magnificent!! You have talent no doubt lassy everything else follows thereafter! Hearfelt fan 🙂

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