Yvonne Darcq ft. Victoria Kimani – Ooh La La Oui Oui

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yvonne darq

Ooh La La Oui Oui is a pop song by Kenyan artistes Yvonne Darcq and Victoria Kimani portraying the vicious love triangles many men form in modern relationships.

In this playful and colourful video, we see both Yvonne and Victoria team up against a man who has been playing the both of them. They go against the grain by working together instead of battling each other as many would expect in such a scenario.

The visuals are incredible and totally vibrant and these two ladies definitely brought their personalities and characters on screen quite effortlessly.

p.s Whoever did their makeup was on crack cocaine because giirrrrlllllll…. FIRE!


Watch the video below.


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