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Good Morning lovely ladies and gents!
I hope you are all well and having a fine FURAHIDAY!!!! o/

I live for Fridays because it is the only totally free day in my school week. This day is usually set aside for meditation, planning, music and fun.

(The worst feeling for me is when 7days pass without accomplishing anything… I made a vow to always start my week with a mental picture of the goals I plan to achieve) <— Makes my life so much easier and organized.

I have band practise later on with Dexterity music and I am super excited about that!
Music is life!

Okay back to the reason for writing this post 🙂
I organised a photoshoot with two of my beautiful friends in order to create a look book for an online clothing store Yummywear.

I have wanted to have a photoshoot for the longest time and the opportunity presented itself on Tuesday.

The makeup, styling, photography and editing was conducted by yours truly and I edited most of the images using various Android Photography Apps on my Samsung Tab.

The shoot itself went on smoothly because the models of the day are my watunguyaz and thus could take direction easily without catching feelings (Thank you Imelda and Givens)

These are the final images of the shoot






Sissy that walk!!


I hope you like the images…

Stay blessed and join me in my journey to becoming Kenya’s biggest Entertainment and Media mogul.

**If you write it down it will happen**

**will it to win it**


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