4 thoughts on “What’s in my camera bag?”

  1. The 24-70 mm f 2.8G lens is a sweet lens. Used it once and it was amazing. Been wondering between getting the 50mm f1.4G and 50mm f1.8G? What would you recommend in your own view?

    1. It really is! Plus the 24-70mm so versatile. I love the 1.4 because I am addicted to shooting wide (bokeh + the dreamy effect it gives my pictures) but if you are a sharp shooter the 1.8 gives equally stunning pictures at half the price. It all boils down to personal preference.

  2. Hmmm noted thanks. So far with my research i have noted that the Sigma 50mm f1.4 art lens provides the best of both worlds. Personally I prefer tack sharp images where in focus and creamy bokeh in out of focus areas when shot wide open. The problem with 3rd party lenses is the focus issues they generally may have. I love the creamy bokeh of the 1.4 Nikkor lenses that gives them this 3D effect. However Nikkor 1.4 lenses are built for bokeh… Such a dilemma will figure it out…

    1. Yes I have heard so many amazing things about Sigma lenses. I will hopefully get to use one one day.
      I wish you all the best with your choice. Take your time since it’s a lifetime investment.

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