To Catch A Dream

Scrolling down my Facebook timeline, I did not expect to be bamboozled by the sheer awesomeness of content that was shared by my lovely creative friends today. Yes you are all my friends by force! You, You AND YOU! Group HUG!

I am writing this post because I came across a very beautiful short film that was created by a group of stellar creatives titled ‘To Catch a Dream’

First and foremost, I will start with that cast! Wooiiiiii mamayooooo!! People are beautiful. So beautiful and African and dark and aaaarrghhhh! Ajuma makes me want to cry. I wish I looked like her. I would strut everywhere! To the matatu! The hospital! Mt. Kenya! Her supporting cast was brilliantly picked out and created such a fantastic aesthetic throughout the film.


The short film starts with an opening scene of a recurring nightmare Ajuma keeps having and is trying her best to get rid of. Although she tries many times to eradicate the visions in her head, all her attempts fall short and she is thus forced to take tougher measures. Her friend’s advice offers a permanent solution to getting rid of her nightmares but in a twisted turn of unfortunate events, she gets trapped and lost in her dream world.

I know the summary of the story sounds very simple but the visuals, the locations, the soundtrack, the makeup and all the fabulous designs featured in the narrative are simply spectacular and serve to transport you to another surreal time and place.

The fact that they all understood each other in their local dialect was also so beautiful. So So beautiful. We Are One (I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard that but this film portrayed that fact in such a subtle yet strong way.

I literally had goosebumps watching this short film and I know that you will all enjoy it as much as I did!


PRESENTING: To Catch A Dream, A Fashion film collaboration at The NEST, starring Ajuma Nasenyana:

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