The Ultimate Upgrade Launch Event


The above was the introduction to an e-invite I received from Safaricom’s PR team recently. There was not much information about the event and it was purposefully shrouded in mystery. My attempts at getting more information about the launch were null and void. However, my curiosity just had to be satisfied and I found myself at the Junction mall on a beautiful Monday morning.

This beauty greeted me at the event location and I had a feeling that the oncoming revelation would definitely meet my expectations.


The details were finally revealed during the ceremony and it was as exciting as I expected it to be!
Safaricom and Samsung have collaborated to bring you one of the most exciting promotions in Kenya thus far. The Ultimate Upgrade promotion!!

All you have to do is buy any Samsung mobile device or tablet from a Safaricom shop or official distributor and you will stand a chance of winning one of 6 2014 model Beemers!!!!

I know it sounds too good to be true but I was a witNESS from ‘Kasalarnay alea’

Ill say it twice just incase you didnt hear me the first time…
Any Samsung product from a Safaricom shop or distributor will put you in a draw to become a dope car owner! If that’s not motivation enough to buy a gadget in the next few seconds I really don’t know what is!!


There was a creative selfie competition held at the event where two people got to walk away with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite… You know your girl had to come through times infinity and I woooooon!!



My new baby!


A section of the audience…



Thank you Samsung and Safaricom for organising such a great initiative.

Till next time…
Have a super day!

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