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We at Cynosure absolutely love supporting and informing you all about the noble causes very beautiful human beings create in order to help their fellow humans.

It truly takes a lot to identify a problem and commit yourself to solving it and for this we applaud all of you beautiful souls striving to make a change in the society.

The Music Culture Foundation is extra special! (All causes are special but this one waaaaa EXTRA!!!) With Chicken and Ketchup!!

The main reason for my obvious love for the initiative is because it combines music (My favorite thing in the world after love) and charity.

Music Culture Foundation/ MCF (Founded by musician Marvin Maveke), is a non-profit organization whose sole mandate is music education for public schools and communities. MCF seeks to give interested children a platform where they can discover and nurture their talent in music.


How amazing!!! Seriously! Where were you when I was growing up Marvin!? I would be Mozart by now! 🙂

This will be done through:

  • Creating music centers in and around public schools (one center for at least three schools)
  • Developing a strong music curriculum.
  • Showcasing and rewarding achievements through music concerts.
  • Holiday music camps

So far, MCF has managed to hold classes every Tuesday and Thursday, for the academic year at The Milimani Primary School. In the coming year, MCF plans to make Milimani Primary a Music Hub that serves two other public schools in the Kilimani region.

Many of these children had never been in any music class before January 2014. Now they can sing in key, play different

drum patterns, play the keyboard through sight-reading and many more…

The children are taught: Theory and basics of Music, Voice classes, Drum classes Keyboard classes and Guitar classes

Having successfully ran the program for a year at the Milimani Primary School, the foundation is looking to hold a concert to wrap up this year’s program in a talent showcase. 

The concert aims to:

  • Showcase the talents of the students who have gone through the program so far.
  • To create awareness about MCF & its music program.
  • To fund raise for the program’s continuity and sustenance into the next year

The concert shall be held at the Milimani Primary grounds on the 30th of November with a ticket going for Ksh. 1000.

Come and show support to the children and to the Music Culture Foundation.

COOOOMEEEEE THROOOUUUGGGHHHH GUUUYSSSSSSSS!!! With performances by Blinky Bill (Just A Band) and Kato Change, Sarabi, Amileena among others… You definitely don’t want to miss this!

For more information contact:

Marvin Maveke


Music Culture Foundation.

Cell +254 721 859 596


“Without music, Life would be a mistake”

-Ponder on that and realize how true that statement really is-

With that quote from Friedrich Nietzsche (Thank God for Google!) I bid you goodbye!

Until next time… Stay Blessed!

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