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Hey Hey Hey beautiful people! I hope you have all been keeping well since we last ‘spoke’. I have been on cloud 9 because God is speaking volumes in my life and the lives of those around me and it really is a good feeling to know that he has your back. YOU DIG??

Your girl is very excited about today’s blog post because she got to collaborate with an amazing female Kenyan Photographer by the name Sarah Waiswa. Many of you know her as @lafrohemien aka the Afrohemien Nomad on Social Media and this lady is the Queen! Photography royalty! Buda Boss!! UOENO!

@Lafrohemien shot by Lyra Aoko

Sarah is no stranger to the Kenyan photography scene and is one of the most notable female photographers in the country.

I could rave on and on about her magnificence as an individual and her craft most importantly, but I will allow you all to read a little bit more about her thrilling adventures and her love for documenting life around her through the special candy-coated links below.

Make sure you check them out before proceeding…

If you don’t I will be a lot little bit sad but you have a rebel in you AND I RESPECT THAT!

Spirited Pursuit Article

Complex (Yes Complex!!) Article

When Sarah asked me if I could meet up with her and hop on this small project, I was more than willing to oblige because I had been stalking her Instagram for close to 7 months and basically knew everything about her!

I tried to ‘act cool’ about it but that’s the thing with me, I really can’t. My excitement showed like a batman signal in the sky and I fully agreed to whatever she had planned! I really didn’t care if it meant standing butt naked on top of a baobab tree in Mombasa to get the shot. At that point I was in! After sorting out the details of the shoot I waited patiently for the shoot day to arrive.



Everything about Sarah is art. From her freshly manicured nails (which she so sweetly sacrificed for me during the shoot), to her long and well kept dreadlocks, to her choice of leaf earrings, I was in awe of the woman in front of me and I felt truly honored to be in her presence. The best thing about Sarah’s process is that she knows how to bring out the beauty in any surrounding using what she has around her and thus being given direction during the shoot was a breeze. The location for the shoot that day was at a demolished house along State House Road that had the most beautiful and vibrant colors. I remember thinking we were lost but when Sarah took out her camera I smiled because I knew something epic was about to go down!

She definitely delivered!

Peep some of the amazing photos of yours truly shot by Sarah.

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This day was loads of fun and I am happy that I got the chance to interact and witness greatness at work.

Special thanks to Olive Karmen for coming through and supporting a sister.

DSC_0025lyraoko smiling

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love!


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