SO Shady

Writing that title made me laugh 🙂 out 🙂 loud 🙂
This post is dedicated to my two recent eyewear purchases.
Walking down the streets of Nairobi can be a very hectic affair. I say this for a number of reasons including and not limited to human traffic, cars driven by impatient drivers and loud music from shops selling dvds.
I used to hate going to town and would avoid it at all costs. I have however come to love it for the following reason.


Whaat whaaat!! I have become an accessories poko these days. It’s actually an addiction I’ve been trying to cure for the last 2 years… wait what? No. I AM NOT AN ADDICT. Case closed…

(I heard denial helps)

Hahaha I found these today…


Would you believe me if I told you that I bought them both for a total of 4
00 kshs?..


HALLELUJAH! I am really going to start passing by town more often 🙂

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