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Good morning my loves…
It is a Mondaaaaay tralalalala!!

No Monday blues allowed here 🙂
Smile, wear pink and get jiggy with it! Lalalalalalala lalalalalala.

I know those of you who know me are seriously wondering why I used that title.

I swore off the word ‘swag’ this year because of sooo many reasons! Swaggy… Swaggerrific… SWEG…yuck.

…but I guess this post just needed it. Because my sisters and I are always super saturated with it! *what what*
Dripping swag goo! All day everyday boiiii!

*humility for what*


I love my family because we make memories everywhere we go. I never feel ashamed doing weird things because I know that I have their support in everything I do 🙂
Serious Famalam awesomeness!

We visited a construction site after church yesterday. My sister Sharon and I had definitely not anticipated the site visit because we were both wearing heels…

SOOOO we all decided to have an impromptu photoshoot because… That’s what girls do 😀

Here are some of the pictures captured.
Photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4.




My outfit details…
Presenting… Polka Attack! Woosaaah!





Polka Pants and Bag: Stylemix Boutique
Black Tank Top and Polka Shrug: Thrifted
Shoes: Marie Claire (Bata)
Earrings: Mr.Price
Necklace: Town

Stylemix is located at Old Mutual building, 1st floor along Kimathi Street

Thank you for reading and have a superb day!


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