Good morning, afternoon, evening children of the world.
I woke up and had some herbal assistance to boost my energy this morning.

I am writing this post right now because I think I have found the key to happiness and I just have to share it with you all.

There will be a random speech in this plus I will probably forget what tense I had originally started with but if it makes sense to you, we’re cool.

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. One of the reasons for this super dope weekend was the discovery of a beauty so precious I couldn’t even hold it with my hands for fear that I may break it.
I discovered this beauty by the name Love accompanied by her frienemy ‘Fear’

Love and fear walk together like best friends but their combined effect confuses anyone who dares to interact with them.

I glimpsed a future and past love that ran deeper than the ocean. A love that could douse a big forest fire with a whisper of its true nature. An affection which stirred hidden emotions that had been long forgotten. In addition to this, it could bring nations together and…

make simple police women stare at our evident pda 🙂

It was a love and a beauty that shone to the world without fear… Fear… It slowly creeped in when she discovered just how deep she was willing to dive into this pool of fire and hot ice.

She saw what she wanted and the fear of losing him reminded her that all was not fair in love and life.

She had found her source of joy. She was her source of joy through his eyes which constantly reminded her that she was an angel: a celestial creative being with feelings and needs that were easily quenched by this beautiful human being.

She saw hope, success and happiness all rolled into one. In that beauty. In that man.



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