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Halla halla halla!!!!
We dem boyz!!!!

I woke up on the right side of the bed today!

Plus Wiz is so yum…


How are you? Thanks again for coming through to read my thoughts. Nakucheki Jo na ninaappreciate sana sana 🙂

I am on holidaaaaaay!

Although this last semester was a bit hectic it was definitely one of the most practical and eye opening.
I discovered that I could write articles (not just blog posts and songs) plus I learnt very valuable print media skills… (Yeah Education!)

The icing on the cake was the fact that I also rediscovered my love for photography.
A major reason for this was because of the school gazette and magazine which your girl helped to produce!

I was a part of the editorial team and I have a feeling this edition will be the best one yet!

One of the activities I was tasked to carry out together with my #team was the organisation of the official Fashion spread for the school’s magazine Sauti, among other duties.

As part of the photo editorial team for the magazine I was responsible for shooting and editing the final images which will be used for the spread.

The whole concept of the shoot was The World Cup. I was not excited at first because babes and football just don’t mix (except in Brazil, or when a girl is trying to look cool infront of her crush… 😀 Girrrrrrrrl you know it! )

We however managed to pull off some amazing creative ideas in the end.

S/o to these awesome and talented ladies for making the shoot a success.

The Photoshoot Team:
Styling by Beata Otieno for the Style Nerds.
Makeup by Elizabeth Oduor
Photoshoot direction by Susan Anyango
Photography and Editing by Lyra Aoko.

Models: Diane Nthurima and Chiko

Disclaimer: I will sadly not be able to post all the photos until the final magazine copy is released

I can however give you a sneak peak of what to expect.



Thank you so much for reading.

The Sauti magazine will be out by the end of this month and I will definitely keep you all posted.


Have a fantastic daaaaayyy!!!!

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