Safaricom Sevens 2014

Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Or was it he he he x2 ???

Read that in the tune of Blurred lines by Robin Thicke then you will understand 🙂 … please try your best not to shoot me for making you remember 2013s most played out song! He he he :”-)

Jambooooo though!
I attended the Safaricom Sevens tournament this past weekend and had the time of my life!



I initially had no plans of attending the event because let’s be real… Rugby is a pretty strange game. I did not (and still do not) understand the dynamics of the sport and why people have to be so violent while playing it. I however attended the event because of the free tickets I received that morning (Thank you mum) and it also presented a chance for me to bond with my cooler than cool siblings.

We made our way to the venue and went straight for the food tents because… Food!… Duh! After eating to our fill, and almost getting my eyes gouged out by a thirsty and evil eagle, we made our way to the arena.


Kasarani stadium looked like an Mpesa stall! I kept looking around for an agent number to withdraw my imaginary money but alas! Safaricom branded that place to look like their office or something. There was so much green :”-D hahaha winning!

We had a blast although following the game proved to be quite a task for me because I had no clue what was going on!


Sorry if you were expecting a detailed analysis of the sport because you will so not get that here!
All I know is that the team with the pink uniform won! I love pink so that made me smile 🙂
The Hakka by the New Zealand team also iced that cake for me. Hubba Hubba. (Unashamed thirsting is healthy. God knows where my heart is 🙂

The random gear we were given also made for some fun times!
Next time you attend Safaricom sevens I would suggest you go with a loud group of people because that makes all the difference. I had so much fun screaming cheer songs and supporting my Kenya during the tournament!



Kenyans love to party and have fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the spirit of patriotism that was ever present in the field and the stands!

S/o to Safaricom for organising such a fantastic event.


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