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Just a band released the video for “Probably for lovers” today morning and I am super impressed!
The idea behind the video was to combine a variety of short clips from their fans and friends and the result was a definite hit for me.

*Insert guitar solo from the song*

“Probably for lovers” is an amazing love song and has such an incredible feel good vibe to it. It’s the type of song that has you smiling while listening to it and makes you think of all the good love can bring.


I was in it!



I have always loved Just A Band. They are different and unique in everything that they do and have managed to stay relevant in the Kenyan music scene.


The day I recorded myself for this video was the same day I decided to start my vlog.

They inspired me to try and break the mould of normalcy surrounding most 21 year old Kenyan girls and do something that was true to me. Which at this point is very many things but I am so outside the box it hurts! 🙂

I am very happy with how far my vlog has come and how far it is going to go. Amen and Amen!!

Moreover I would like to send a big shout out to my Facebook friend Msingi Sasis for the valuable filmaking information he has been giving me over the past few weeks.

He has got me so excited about my new love for videos and filmmaking.

Enjoy the Just a band video here

Just A Band – Probably For Lovers

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PSS. I have very many passions and that is The true sign of an ENFP (Post about this coming soon)

Have a fantastic day!!

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