Photoshoot with JuneJuly Photography

Aay bay bay!
I got to participate in an awesome photoshoot over the weekend with the lovely and creative June Mweteeli.
June is an old soul and I totally loved interacting with her during our session.

Her line of photography mainly focuses on beauty and she has a deep and beautiful passion for high fashion photography  (Think Russian and Chinese Vogue)
I am excited to see the final images and I can’t wait to watch her grow into the super photographer she will be…

June will be a guest on my video blog next month so look out for that!!

We could not take a lot of Behind the Scene pictures but her sister Zawadi was a gem and managed to capture these photographs on my phone.




*These were headshots so don’t pay attention to my styling*



You can see more of June’s work on Facebook here:-
June July Photography

Follow June on IG @photographybyjunejuly

Till next time…
Stay blessed!!

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