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“Delicious flavors of the sea prepared with love” is the tagline of one of the most famous seafood restaurants in the world which recently opened its doors in our beautiful Nairobi. Ocean Basket Restaurant is very well known for its delicious affordable seafood and very generous servings. Now before we delve any further into this post I have to admit that my mshamba self really had no clue about this fine establishment beforehand, but like any other curious Kenyan, I set to find out exactly what all the fuss was about.

My heritge indicates that fish and I really should be the best of friends but I have sadly never had an inclination towards most ‘fishy’ delicacies! Luckily my date truly understood the importance of fish in this world and thus the trip to the Oval in Westlands would not be a complete waste.

The Ocean Basket restaurant has a very beautiful decor and walking into the restaurant truly felt like diving into a cold pool on a sunny day. We quickly made our way to the restaurant’s terrace where a mixture of greenery and blue hues greeted us (Mad Points for the Good Vibes)


We were attended to as soon as we sat down which was very commendable considering the energy we had for the oncoming meal (Hungraaays United)


It was a very sunny day and the strawberry lemon mocktail we were served with was literal perfection. I usually have my reservations when it comes to ordering mocktails because most establishments serve juice with lemons and make up fancy names as a guise but this was the real deal… add a little vodka and.. NO! Do not add vodka! Bad Vodka!


No sooner had we finished our drinks than we were served with our lovely meals. The platters consisted of Calamari, Prawns, Fish fillet and french fries (All together now say… YUUUUUM!)

Mshamba Moment: (Why are prawns so ugly?? No seriously! It’s like eating a dudu!… The yummiest dudu in the seeeaaaa! 🙂


I had a moment of hesitation the moment I saw all the fish before me but my stomach had other ideas (Damn you Judas Tummy)

We both ate to our hearts content and were truly satisfied with everything we had been offered! Moreover, we did not get food poisoning! o/ (You all know those horror stories about seafood in Nairobi and how the likelihood of it rotting on its way is at 100% Shiver)

All in all my fist experience at Ocean Basket was lovely. The menu had everything and choosing one good meal out of the varieties offered was the hardest thing.

Oh my. Seafood and I are buddies now! Visit Ocean Basket at the Oval in Westlands whenever you get a chance guys!

2015 Countdown still ticking!


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18 thoughts on “Ocean Basket Nairobi”

          1. I’d gone there the previous year…
            This year I was a lil lucky. I had the privilege of visiting Ocean Basket, Jiko at the Tribe and Moniko’s Kitchen. I had a swell time.

  1. Oh my gosh I DIED AT “Mshamba Moment: why are prawn so ugly? It’s like eating a dudu, the yummiest dudu in the seaaaaaa”! LOVE YOUR BLOG MS. LYRA!

  2. I haven’t tried seafood,I kinda just think I will hate it,but I will hopefully try it out this year before it ends.Have you had sushi?That is also on my to eat list

    1. :-O How are you alive? Let me know when you try your first sea food dish! I had sushi for the first time last year. It is okay but i wouldn’t really rave about it.

    2. :-O How are you alive? Let me know when you try your first sea food dish! I had sushi for the first time last year. It is okay but i wouldn’t really rave about it.

  3. Both me and my friend got food poisoning from eating food at Ocean basket Oval over lunch hour. I had sushi my friend had grilled tilapia and sweet potatoes. We both felt off shortly after our meal. And the worst came at night. Diarrhea, aching joints, aching back. Classic food poisoning. In bed all morning the day after, some chills, aching joints, diarrhea. Through night my Tummy felt was on fire.Somehow both our meals were contaminated so I’m guessing was maybe the sauces they offer with bread coz doesn’t make sense. Anyway, me never again ocean basket.

    1. Oh no! That is so unfortunate. I’m so sorry about your experience. I hope you took it up with the management.

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