Nikon Photography Workshop

Jambo Wambo Bambo! (Hayaa… Cool new word alert… Bambo!!!!!! 🙂

First child name suggestions nini nini!

The Invite

Imaging Solutions CEO addressing the Nikonites at the workshop

I recently attended a very cool Nikon Workshop which was organised by Nikon and their official distributors Imaging Solutions Kenya. The workshop was organised for photography enthusiasts from all walks of life and provided further insight into the inner workings of Nikon and the services which they provide in Kenya. The event was a definite success with more than 200 photographers attending the informative session held at the Tsavo Room in KICC.

After a brief photography learning session, Nikon brought us to the Helipad to experience the breathtaking view of Nairobi.

Nikonites United
Beautiful Nairobi Skyline
Isaac Hunja The Great
Me in all my nerdy Glory!
The Gorgeous Nairobi Sunset

We were all given gift bags with 15% off of any Nikon products from Imaging Solutions for the month of November.

I wasn’t ready *Kevin Hart Voice*

Soooo if any of you are interested in coping it!

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First come first serve!!

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