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Jambo Jambo Bwana.
Habari gani?
Mzuri Sana.
Wageni wakaribishwa
Kwa Blog yangu.
Hakuna Matata!!

🙂 Hey hey hey! Karibu hapa msomaji katika bulogi yangu…


Okay I think I’ll just stop there. How are you dear reader and how is life treating you?


(Pause to allow you to answer)

I am glad you’re doing okay!
If you are not… Trust me things will definitely get better… Just remember to will the good in your life. Amen!

I recently had an epiphany of some sort last week and I am absolutely thriving! Sometimes it takes someone else’s experiences to truly remind you that being yourself is the Greatest accomplishment you can ever achieve! I have had many people approach me asking where I get my drive from, why I believe in my dreams, why I do half of the thing I do. Its because I believe in me. I believe in everything that I want to be and I will work hard to achieve it. The End.

Today is World Women’s Day and I would like to send a massive salamu to my dadas!
You’re probably wondering why there is no Men’s Day.

Urm..  because women ROCK. We go through so much and we deserve to be celebrated everyday!

I treated myself today by making my blog legit.
We are now LIVE on…


I am absolutely happy NO OVERJOYED!
at the fact that I can share my thoughts and experiences with you gorgeous human beings.

Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey &
Cheers to making great memories!


Love and light
Lyra Aoko

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