Mustard Yellow


Is it just me or has Nairobi weather been having some crazy mood swings lately? It was quite dull yesterday and I needed some sunshine and warmth in my life so I chose to wear this mustard yellow sweater dress to this year’s Burger Festival Launch at The Alchemist.

I left the house with an extra jacket and an umbrella only to drive right into a sunny and cloudless Westlands (mother nature was like yaaaaaa bitch! *kendrick voice*)

I almost second guessed my decision until it started drizzling a few seconds later! I really can’t deal with the weather’s bipolar nature right now… but I really liked my outfit yesterday.


Mustard Dress and Sunglasses: Toi

Converse Sneakers: Germany

Photography by Tatiana Karanja

Posted byLyra Aoko

3 thoughts on “Mustard Yellow”

  1. I think the weather is just for lovers.
    Totally love the mustard yellow dress.
    You rocked the look.
    The ghetto in me begs to be heard. We are your nyama.Choma us some more even
    Btw, Lyra have you thought of starting look books on your you tube following these concepts such the one above -mustard yellow sijui bitter lemon yellow ama canary yellow?I think you catch my drift.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words towards my outfit that day! That’s a great idea! Maybe one day! I am slowly embracing more fashion posts on my blog so I will take baby steps 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion!

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