Electrique Djs Butterflies Feat Lyra Aoko

Sooooo… Today’s post is different… Not only does it feature music by yours truly! WALALALALA I promise I had not foreseen this when I started this category! Pinky SWEAR! 🙂 but it also involves a cast of some super amazing players in the Kenyan music industry.


Butterflies is the 1st Single off the 2nd Album ‘Coming of Age’ from Electrique Djs (March 2015)

Composed & Produced By: Electrique Djs
Live Instruments: The Beat Parade Band
Lyricist: Lyra Aoko
Visualised by: Zack Adell
Post Production Engineer/Mastering: Jaaz Odongo

Before I continue I would like to mention that this honestly feels like looking into a mirror and writing a review about yourself man. So strange but quite liberating 🙂

I had been working with the Electrique Djs on a fantastic project over the past few months and it has finally been released for you all today!! I know some of you will be shocked by this revelation but I also got to hear the final track this morning!


Electrique djs define Afro beats and fine grooves to the tee and at first I was a little scared because it had been a while since I had been in the studio but I went with the flow and had a fantastic time writing and recording this song.

Butterflies is an ode to love.

A big s/o to Tom, Martin and Ben for putting me on this track and believing in my vocal abilities and a special thank you to Isaac who inspired this song.

Check out Butterflies below.


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