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I started wearing makeup in high school and my cosmetic journey has definitely upgraded over the years. I used to be the queen of eyeliner until my imaginary Brazilian supermodel ex-boyfriend told me that my eyes looked beautiful without it. We sadly broke up because he didn’t want to be seen with me in public… Goodbye Lorenzo. What we had was REAL! I digress…

When we broke up I started applying even more black eyeliner. Lol. I can gladly tell you all that I have evolved mentally, emotionally and since then 😀

Today’s post is dedicated to my  love for beauty and beauty products in general.

My makeup journey has had its ups and downs but I can proudly say that I can definitely  hold my ground when it comes to makeup application.


Flormar compact powder
Sleek liquid eyeliner
Flormar revolution lipstick
Maybelline falsies mascara (Gift from God)
Flormar nudes eye shadow palette
Revlon lipgloss.


Have a beautiful day!!

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7 thoughts on “Make up post”

  1. *dreamy sigh* Se mi sploh še splača komentirati tvoje ponlpoe MU stvaritve? Čudovit MU! Catirce mono eyeshadows imam pa na seznamu za naslednji obisk (mene ali prijateljice) Dunaja, zdaj ko imam zagotovitev da so dobri, jih pa sploh cel kup nabavim.

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