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Lyra Aoko Photography

Hello lovely beings!

I trust you are all fresh as daisies and as cool as Obama! I recently had an epiphany that reminded me of the main reason why I decided to venture into photography.

Beauty exists all around us and I am slightly obsessed with capturing it. I love shooting human beings because we truly are God’s most beautiful creations. We are more than seven billion of people on earth and each one of us is unique in our own way. No two people are the same and it really is a mysterious and amazing thing.

I often find myself staring at people (with my big eyes) and my camera Rose usually gives me the courage to approach some of these individuals. I had the pleasure of shooting cousins Melanie and Norah on Melanie’s birthday recently and these are some of the images I captured our colourful and fabulous photoshoot.

As I had promised earlier I will be featuring a lot more of my photography work (outside of the Lifestyle Blog category) on here so that some of you can get a feel of where my true passion lies.

Norah Edit 3 Mela Edit 6 Mela Edit 3 Mela Edit 2

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