Lyra Aoko Photography + Shaz Makeup Collaboration

Hello my lovely readers! I have a amazing post today and i’m really excited as I write this.

Today is the day I will finally show you what I do with my free time (besides blogging, singing, making videos and being a really really cool kid)

*erm I clearly skipped that lesson on humility in Sunday School.

Forgive me πŸ™‚

I woke up on the right side of the bed today so just allow me to be a lot bit extra today!!

First and foremost I want to introduce you all to my sister Sharon of Shaz Makeup (Blood sister by the way not SiSTAR << I don’t know what that means either I had just missed that word… STAR! )

Okay back to the matter πŸ˜€

Sharon is a *insert age here*Β year old architecture student and part time makeup artist. Plus she is oh so cool (Thank you mum and dad for these cucumber genes)

We were really bored one Sunday evening and decided to update her amazing makeup artist portfolio.

I was totally game for the project because I had been practising my Photoshop skills which has seen me taking on bigger projects these past few months. We thank God for this.

So Sharon and I made up a very shambalistic (my autocorrect changed that to bombastic. Okay Shaggy) setup for the shoot featuring a white manila paper stuck to the wall with cello tape and three fluorescent lights we keep in the house.

An hour in and we were done with shooting. I really love the whole process of makeup application. It’s like therapy!! What made the experience even better was that we both got to be the models and photographers for this shoot.

Sample some of the images we managed to capture in the end.




I think I went too ham on the Photoshop with this one.


Yuup yuup! You rock you African Queen Angel person πŸ™‚

Follow @shaz_were on IG and contact her for all your makeup needs.

*Shameless Advertising Alert*

If you dig my photography.

Send me a message on my Email Address ( ) with the subject : I dig your photography and I will get back to you asap πŸ™‚

(Unless I’m in the bathroom. Then you will have to wait a bit)

Let’s make photography magic! (Not in the bathroom)

Waaaa. I think this post should end here.

Thank you once again for reading my blog

& Have yourselves a terrific Tuesday!

Love and light.

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