Lyra Aoko x Janet Mbugua – Lady in Bloom

This shoot was so full of floral goodness and good vibes for me and the team.

First and foremost it was client work and not a personal project which mean I got paid for doing what I love (I have the best clients for real!!)

Secondly, we had access to all the flowers we needed to make this shoot a reality thanks to the awesome Maua Jua team. (You guys rock!!)

Thirdly, I was working with Janet Mbugua! One of the most inspiring women I have had the pleasure of working with since I started this beautiful photography journey.

Yes, I was in heaven.

Read more about Janet’s Lady in Bloom Series HERE

Photography by Lyra Aoko Media @lyraoko

Muse @officialjanetmbugua
Flower Crown by @maua_jua_crowns
Shoot assistant

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