Lyra Aoko + Bandmates

Walapazangaz fam!
Gota hiyo risto!

When I made the bold decision to start doing live music, it came with enough fears and internal pressure to be like Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and Fela Kuti
(All inclusive buffet of musical awesomeness)

I did not think I was worthy of gracing any stage incase I embarrassed these three mentors in any way… Therefore the first few weeks were all about discovery and getting to know myself and my band.
This post really isn’t about my musical journey by the way, just a heavy shout out to my team. These guys have managed to help me embrace the spirit of live performance and I always look forward to my practise sessions and performances with them.
I couldn’t have asked for a better band and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride that comes with this field.


1. Jack Keys (pianist)
2. Tom Olang’o (Bassist)
3. Kimani (Guitarist)
4. Olive Karmen (Bgv/Drummer)
5. Jack Drums (Drummer)
6. Polycass (Bgv/Pianist)

The A team!
Love always!

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