Lipstick Affair – Flori Roberts

Good morning sweety.
Aaaay Lipstick Lipstick! So nice I had to say it twice.
I have been avoiding this post for a while now because most bloggers and product reviewers I know have a tendency to post about their favourites and nothing else…  I am such a lipstick prostitute and talking about one brand only was just the hardest thing!! *screams*

I could not for the life of me settle for the best ones because I truly love them all!!

*Kisses my lipsticks affectionately*

After multiple prayers and a series of online counselling sessions, I finally found the courage to present to you all,
My favourite Flori Roberts lipsticks!


I was given a bunch of colours to pick from and was drawn to these particular colours from the get go!! I selected 6 colours in total…
P.s I have a strange affection for dark red shades so you will see quite a few of those here.
P.s.s I really love how they named their lipsticks so literally.

1. Bloodstone


2. Walnut


3. Vintage Wine


4. Royal Ruby


5. Va Va Violet


6. Teak


All the lipsticks above have a rich moisturizing formula which gives an all day creamy lip colour. The formula also makes it non-drying and the colour totally lasts!

The only downside I noticed was that the Bloodstone lipstick stained my lips… But with a name like bloodstone it was sort of expected. I don’t think the photograph did it much justice but it had such a rich beautiful tone on my lips.

I wore the Va Va Violet at an event recently and only had to retouch it twice as compared to some of my other very questionable lipstick purchases. (Cough! Signature!)

My favourite of all was *drumrolls please*

I know you were expecting it to be one of the darker shades…
I was surprised by my choice too! Walnut has a beautiful blend of red, brown and orange and the shade looked so gorgeous on me (but do I say! 😀

The fact that I received quite a number of inquiries and complements about it definitely contributed to my love for it!!
Lipstick heaven! It’s such a royal affair!

Flori Roberts can be found at
Qpharm ( Lavington Mall )
Mimosa pharmacy (Junction, Karen and Ridgeways Malls )
Alibra Collections ( Green house Mall )
Kings & Queens Salon ( Thika road Mall)

Thanks for reading & have a Terrific Tuesday lovies!

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2 thoughts on “Lipstick Affair – Flori Roberts”

  1. We have the same skin tone and growing up I never imagined I would wear lipstick cause I thought I’d look like a clown.
    Then last year one of my aunties (she’s 50 years BTW) convinced me to try out her Island Beauty – Black raspberry,let’s just say I’m now a lipstick addict & NO I’m not going to rehab.

    I absolutely love bloodstone,vintage wine,teak
    I am 50/50 about royal ruby,
    Walnut,I am skeptical about trying out any orange shade
    Va Va Violet I would wear on a night out

    1. Hahaha I feel your struggle dear! The strangest part is that our skin tone (as I came to learn later on) is the best for lipstick application because it stands out so beautifully therefore minimum makeup application is needed. Your aunt is the bomb! I am glad I have a fellow lipstick junkie! Try out Flori Roberts soon their line is amazing!

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