LightFreaks Photography Workshop with Thandiwe Muriu

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I’m fine thank you boo boo:-) Thank you for joining me here once again! Today I am going to tell you all about one of the most interesting and eye-opening workshops I have ever attended!

As most of you know, I recently got a new DSLR camera and with this camera came a strange and beautiful love and thirst for photography. I had always been interested in capturing images and content creation previously, but my interest suddenly peaked thanks to my recent purchase.

As a result, my quest to know more about photography and the science behind it led me to a photography page on Facebook known as Light Freaks. They had announced that they would be organizing two workshops held by renowned photographers Thandiwe Muriu and Osbourne Macharia. I remember immediately making a call to the organizers even before I had finished reading the details of the event (PSYCHE FOR DAAAAYS). IMoreover, I paid what was due and was slotted to be part of the exciting workshop by Thandiwe Muriu (THE GREAT) on the 4th of October 2014.

I had had previous experience working with Thandiwe before during a campaign for the Space Radio Project. Although I had worked with her as a model, I had always been fascinated by her pictures, her work ethic and the quality retouching she undertook with each project.


On the day of the workshop I felt a sense of pride at just how far Thandiwe Muriu has come in her photography business. It is not easy for female photographers in this male-dominated field, but she has managed to create a fine niche for herself with her high end beauty photography work. The workshop was not only fun but also very informative and practical.





I learnt quite a lot during the workshop and I truly cannot wait to show you guys to see what I will come up with as a result of the immense knowledge I received from Thandiwe.




Cheers to Thandiwe and Prokraft studios for organizing such an enriching workshop and I definitely look forward to attending more of your forums!

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