Labrynth by Jackie Karuti

Kuona Trust held their first exhibition of the year featuring talented Kenyan artist and cool person Jackie Karuti. The conceptual exhibition “Labrynth” explores the repetitive nature of life and opens up conversation about the mundane consistency with an implied journey to an unknown destination.

I attended the exhibition opening ceremony and was completely blown away by the in depth interpretation of Jackie’s works. Her art is deep and dark and comes from a sombre place that many of us have ventured into at some point in our lives….

I will not delve any further or reveal any more information because you all need to get your asses behinds to the Kuona Trust Centre and witness the greatness that Jackie’s art so effortlessly portrays.

P.s She will be holding an interactive session on Thursday 29th (all afternoon) so I would suggest you all attend the exhibition on this day as you will get to ask all the relevant questions and get to know more about the exhibition concept.

P.s.s You can also purchase these really really cool postcards as a keeps sake!

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