Kuona Trust Art Walk: Valentines Edition


The Kuona Trust Centre held an amazing event known as the Art Walk on valentines day. The event provided the perfect opportunity to buy a special gift for your valentines and sample the best of Kenyan art. Some of thee vendors who were present included Michael Soi, Chilli Mango Clothing, Otenge and Kerttu Maukonen among others. The exhibition was filled with vibrant art and people who all came together to experience the immense talent that Kenya artists have to offer.

The second edition of the Art Walk brought together about 30 emerging artists in a one day showcase of works, alongside unique vendors.

Fellow Photographer and friend Kevin Gakere aka The Masked Bandit was on hand to cover the event for the Cynosure Blog.

Check out some of the amazing images he managed to capture duringย the event.




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