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I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and the first thing I did was check my Facebook newsfeed (It’s a semi-addiction I must admit, but it is where I find the most interesting and captivating articles to pass that awake-but-not-yet-fully-awake time) plus it’s my version of the morning newspaper.
So if you are my friend on facebook keep sharing because I am reading and watching. Knowledge is power my friends…

Back to the matter (Wizkid voice)

I stumbled across a video this lovely morning by Jim Carrey on spirituality and imagination. I know most of you are wondering “Who in their right mind would take any advice from Jim Carrey?” hahaha I thought the same thing but my train of thought soon changed a minute into the video. He has such an open mind!

The basic vibe of the 11minute clip was that everything that happens in your life is as a result of the subconscious event planning that takes place in your big head. (I say big because your mind is a universe) You create your situation. You create all the good and bad that happen in your life… and it all begins in your mind.

You know that moment when you wake up and everything is blank? It really is the sweetest time of the day because all your past and future worries and fears somehow cease to exist.

Then it all comes back and you become anxious and you think of how you will solve these “mental problems” which to you, can’t be cracked, or will require good money to be cracked etc etc.

This morning was just like any other, but halfway through my worrying something changed….something slapped me hard on my face with a pink slipper!! I made a decisiom which I hope will guide me everyday till death.

I made the conscious decision not to care about the inhibitions I have placed on myself and to channel my dreams into actions!

I am in my early twenties and my main concern at the moment is how to be a billionaire by the time I am 25. You can imagine the kind of pressure I experience everytime I realise that I am nowhere close to this mark.

I have decided to take life one step at a time and tune my brain into believing that all my dreams will come true.

I have made a decision to actively stop worrying and actively start DOING!!!

Wish me luck on this journey….


Have a happy day! 😀

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