Jewellery Haul (1)

Good morning watu nguyas!
I hope you all woke up feeling fresher than a daisy this terrific Tuesday.
(I know the last time you heard that synonym was in primary)
(I know the last time you heard the word synonym was sometime during the world war)
You’re welcome 😀 Teacher Lyra Aoko to the rescue!

The best thing about Tuesdays in Nairobi is that Pizza offer (Terrific Tuesday) from Pizza inn. Some of us swore off Pizza a few months ago in the name of healthy living and waaaaa… Torture!

So this morning I took the liberty  indulge you in the next best thing after pizza… Jewellery!!! o/
(Sipping tea while twerking á la Kermit Minaj)


I went to town yesterday and bought the prettiest things (twirls) I am a self proclaimed accessory whore (sorry mum I said whore) and I don’t know  why but there is such an amazing variety of Jewellery in the exhibition stalls these days.

Feast your eyes on these, dolls!


I have never been a huge fan of African and traditional accessories but I have definitely come to appreciate their craftsmanship over the years. I loved the blue on the earrings to the left. (Vsco made it a boring blue but it was such an amazing electric shade of blue that I HAD to buy it!)

The Maasai print was to die for and pap! Purchased!

Total: 200kshs


Aha! You know what it iiissssss… Let me not lie. I was a bit hesitant when I first saw these two… (I am a sucker for flashy things. The shinier the better. End of story)

BUT THE COLOURS! Omg! They were displayed side by side and looked so pretty I already started imagining what outfits I would wear them with!
The spirit of these earrings called me… Pap! Purchased!

Total: 100kshs


…So I am noticing a trend. Who are you and what have you done with Lyra!!!! Haha Shaka Zulu!!

Who wouldn’t buy big earrings with the outline of AFRICA though??
I saw these and quickly thought Power!!!
Aaahhh my Africa is so beautiful. I needed her on my ears…
Constantly reminding me who I was and where I am from.
And to stand tall. No matter what. Africa!!!!

Oh! Plus they were super light… And wooden… AND POWERFUL!!!! (TRADITIONAL DANCERS APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE)
Total: 100kshs


I guess I journeyed to India after that intense experience in Africa?

How cute are these though… I can’t wait to pair them up with an all white outfit!!
Total: 150kshs


I have been seeing this necklace on quite a number of fashion blogging sites and being the unashamed copycat that I am. Purchased!

I love the simplicity of the double-edged pearls and how minimalistic it is.
Definitely one of my better purchases this month.

Total: 500kshs

Last but certainly not least… My super duper PVC bracelet!! What whaaaat. Ive never been a fan of these bootleg PVC shoes found everywhere but this did any PVC trend justice!
Introducing… Purity Veronica Caro… My new baby!


Look at her.
She got it from her mama!!!


That is all for today folks.
Thank you for reading &
Do enjoy your pizza while I nurse my baby PVC 😀

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